The rodian soon to be a part of a comic series???

This concept art might very well be the start of something beautiful.


The Rodian Cometh

Greetings citizens of the known galaxy, and those who have come from those parts that are unknown, I’m Zarbok of Rodia. Today I announce my return to once again attempt to get all your feet moving to the beat of our music, and the ching of your credits. Be that as it is; I shall once again be looking for proper entertainers, guards, and the like for our new events. (Once old Zarbok here gets a venue or two lined up.) ((So please, if you are interested or would like more information log into secondlife and im Lucian Vanek at your earliest convenience. Thank you.))

-ZE- Is back and ready to do some Rocking in 493 ABY ((2016))

*The image of the rodian cantina manager known as Zarbok appears with a puff of smoke from his cigarra as the rodian begins to speak in the holorecording*

“Greetings my friends of the known galaxy. The Zarbok Effect crew is looking to revive once again, and is looking for suitable crew members to be added to our outstanding entertainment family. Please contact myself ((Lucian Vanek)) Zarbok at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview with myself on a system that is suitable to meet. That is all.” *The recording ends, and returns to normal programming*Zarbok in his armor on Nar Shaddaa_windlight settings_001

Of dark alleys and shady deals

Datapad Record:

Subject: Zarbok of Rodia

Incoming data log….

*The face of the rodian known as Zarbok the rodian hustler of this galaxy emerges from a recording being broadcast through a news feed on Mos Eisley in what appears to be a cantina. The rodian raises a glass of rodian wine, and begins to speak.*

“Greetings my good friends of the known galaxy. I’m Zarbok, the cantina manager of several years ago. I’m now looking for new crew members to fit security and other roles for our organization. With your help we can bring great entertainment to our galaxy. There will be fist fights, dejarik, pazaak, and hopefully a house cantina band soon as well. Join me and we can do great things.” *The image fades*

Coming to a Cantina Near You!

*The face of Zarbok: Hustler Esquire appears on your holo-screen. The Rodian blows a tuft of smoke right side of the camera lense before beginning to speak.*

“Greetings patrons of the known galaxy. I am Zarbok of Boz Pity, and I have an important announcement to make.

The Zarbok Effect is looking for new crew members to bring their entertainment and martial expertise to our establishment. We are a few years old now, and are looking to return to the cantina community with some of the best dueling, pazaak playing, dancing, and music making this galaxy has ever seen. Jizz, and all genres of music are welcome so long as it is nothing too ridiculous. I personally am overseeing this as I always have, and hope to gain some talented indiviuals for this coming venture. Join us for the best entertainment experience from the core worlds to the outer rim. Thank you for your time.” ((IM Lucian.Vanek in Secondlife for further information))